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Review: Rebirth, Rethink, Reward! The Originals 2×01

Even though our precious Hope is alive and well, her family has been mourning the fact that they have not seen her for months and cannot be with her.
The Mikealson brothers have closed up their home and have even covered furniture in most rooms.  They both are sporting a little more than 5 O’Clock shadows (even in mourning they are hot).
Haley spends a lot of time alone in the bayou seemingly holding all her grief and rage internally.   Her eyes glisten like they could spill tears forever at any minute.

Cami has been enjoying a no strings attached relationship with Marcel.  One day he asks her how Klaus is.  She tells Marcel she has not seen Klaus since the Guerra Family takeover in the quarter.  Cami knows that Marcel has been successful in over taking the Guerra’s before and she herself is tired of being followed by them, so she decides to pay Klaus a visit.
At Mikeason Manor it is Elijah she finds instead of Klaus.  Elijah tells her Klaus does not wish to talk.  Cami goes on to tell Elijah that they have a weapon right across the river – Marcel- to take down the ring bearing Guerrera wolves.  These rings take power away from Klaus every full moon and make Klaus extremely weak.
Klaus spends a lot of his time in the baby’s room.  He cannot even get his painting mojo on.  He frustrates in even trying to stretch canvases – as Elijah put it, this must be his #transparent period in art.  Klaus lets Elijah know he is missing a very important shade of red in his color pallet…red; from the blood of his enemies.
Elijah has spent much time worrying over Hayley.  She deals with her demons alone and he does not know how to help her.  She mistakes his not knowing how to help for indifference and tells him that he does not look at her the same way.  She says he used to see a mother and now all he sees in her is a monster.
Elijah takes his first proactive step by meeting with one of the city’s councils to argue the case to have some of NOLA’S buildings to be protected by the historical society.
Josh has been bringing Marcel groups of compelled people in the hopes that some will become willing vampire recruits.  In the meantime, Josh’s BFFW, Davina is hanging out at a second hand record store buying Icelandic Folk Music for Micheal “Daddy Dearest” Mikaelson.  She makes a new friend in the store’s owner Joe and in a customer named Caleb..
Davina saves dear Joe from a werewolf attack led by Ollie, who shows up, shakes the store down and goes after Joe because they have discovered he is a vampire.  Davina incapacitates Oliver long enough for Joe to escape.
Oliver is on Team Francesca Guerrera(only for now, I hope!).  He has one of the coveted rings that keep him from turning and Klaus from having strength.  I think the ring is what keeps him loyal to Frannie.
Klaus decides to meet with Marcel – he feels the need to feed.  They talk over the fact that the #transparent oak stake is missing and that all along Klaus thought Frannie had it.  Almost as the words leave his mouth he realizes that she could not have it because she is too predatory in nature.  Klaus and Marcel plan a wolf hunt!
Cami and Joe initiate the hunt.  Joe goes back to his store where he knows Oliver will be waiting to take him away (I would let Ollie take me away, anyday). He is brought in front of Francesca and tells her Klaus thinks she has the stake.  She demands Joe to tell her who does.  He said the dead preacher man had it, so she sends wolves to Cami’s.  Cami gives them an address and a key and they quickly head out.
Marcel is waiting, once the wolves enter the abandoned building he drowns them in wolfsbane and proceeds to collect their rings with or without their hands or arms!
Elijah in the meantime is at Frannie’s house where she is unraveling in fright.  Elijah throws a body guard past her window and blood splatters on her window. (All while looking dashing in his suit).  He eventually arrives at Frannie’s door where a very cocky Francesca tells no one to fear because vampires must be invited in.  Elijah proceeds into a history lesson on criminals and how the can over look certain important things while trying to conquer the world.  Rember the historical society protection plan? Yep.  Frannie’s house now belongs to everyone!  He crosses that threshold so sexy!
Back at Chez Mikaelson Klaus is getting stronger with each ring collected.  Hayley is on kick ass duty and kills eight wolves and mames who knows how many more!  When she gets to Ollie she spares his life but promises to kill him if she ever sees him with another ring.  Klaus gets the red paint he needs when he ninja throws two paint brushes that stick in two wolves necks!
Regrouping after the night’s success Elijah asks Klaus to talk to Hayley.  Klaus feels guilty for the situation they are all in now and does not know what to say to her.
While the brothers talk Hayley makes her ninth and final kill of the evening-Frannie!
Hayley thought that final kill would heal something, but she admitts that it does not.  She thought she might have peace, but instead she feels nothing.  She hates being a hybrid.
Davina visits Michael and brings him food, (her wrist), and they banter back and forth.   Michael wants to be unbound from Davina.  She promises he can be once she finds a spell to save those made vampires from the Klaus sire bond.
Mama Mikaelson aka Ester aka Cassie has now put Finn to work as one of Cami’s school advisors.   She has also brought back Kol aka Caleb aka Davina’s new friend.
Marcel does have a taker for Vamp School.  Known as bad ass rocker chic @NishiMoonshine joins our family! (Welcome!).
Klaus does have his talk with Hayley.  He assures her the pain will fade in time and that they work much better as a team.  He plans to be King of NOLA and she is the natural and obious Queen of the pack.
Epic premier cast!  Epic!  Some observations and thoughts:
1. Bro bonding was great tonight especially Klaus telling Elijah he has been chasing redemption for Klaus for a thousand yrs. Like someone rolling a rock up a steep mountain.
2.  Elijah and Hayley have chemistry for an epic love story.
3. Oliver will eventually follow Hayley, he did try to get Davina out of the record store before stuff went down ( He’s too cute not to be on our side;*)
4. Was pkeased to see Josh and Micheal, Ester, Finn, Kol and our newest vamp in the first episode.  It gave it an every body is important feel.


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